Introducing our New Spring menus at JÖRO, with a little format update and message from owners; Luke & Stacey Sherwood French.

Every year we need to evaluate our menu pricing in line with the ever increasing costs that we incur, across the board. From energy bills to food & drink prices, internet, telephone, insurance, wages, equipment, payment processing fees, the list goes on!

This year more than ever we really should be increasing prices significantly to counter the costs, however we are aware that in this current climate that for some of our guests, this would price them out of being able to join us. We set up our business with the passion of making excellent experiences accessible for more people and to be seen as not just a special occasion restaurant, so the last thing we want to do is exclude the very people that have kept us going!

This is the reason we have sittings and how we are currently able to price our experiences as we do.

From April 10th, when we return from our spring break there will be no price rises to our menus. Instead you will see them renamed to our ‘Express’ ‘Signature’ and ‘Premium’ Tasting menus.

There will be one or two fewer dishes on all of the menus, however the dishes will be slightly increased in portion size to counter this. There will be more options to add on some of the more luxury dishes/ingredients on all menus too, for those special occasions or just if you would like to treat yourself a little more! Giving you the option to spend as you wish.

Why? Well behind the scenes a lot of time is spent sourcing, processing, developing, preparing and paying for ingredients, from all over the UK and further afield. If we can cut this time down a little then it means we can hold onto our current menu pricing for a little longer and it’s as simple as that.

We continually strive to develop not only our food and drink, but also how our business works and how we can continue to be viable as a sustainable & ethical business model. We are independent, we have no financial backers behind the scenes, we just do what we love and use our skills to adapt and flourish.

We appreciate and are extremely grateful for the support over the last 7 years and we hope to continue this for many many years to come!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at JÖRO soon,

Luke and Stacey Sherwood French


Photography by Tim Green