Tatenokawa Kodakara Umeshu Sake 720ml


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Kodakara Umeshu is a tart, fresh, delicate, refreshing, and delicious plum sake liqueur that acts as a perfect example of its type. It is made from the finest Nanko plums, which are locally harvested, and combined with Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo sake and Schochu made from sake kasu/lees. This sake is wonderful all year round – we recommend drinking it warmed in the colder months, and on ice or mixed with soda water in the warmer months.

Tatenokawa is an ambitious sake brewery with 185 years of experience striving to make the best quality sake in Japan. Making only Junmai Daiginjo sake, the premier cru of the sake world, Tatenokawa have a reputation for quality. Locally grown rice is used as much as possible in their sake production, and the mountain ranges of Chokkai, Gassan, and Yudono provide an endless supply of excellent water.

10% ABV

Ingredients: rice, water, shochu, yeast, koji, plum, sugar
Allergens: may contain gluten

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