Heisei Shoyu Soy Sauce 100ml


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2019 was the last year of the Heisei period – as the reign of Emperor Akihito is known – but it was also the 150th anniversary of Fundodai, one of the country’s premier soy sauce makers. To celebrate the double anniversary, the company has created this Fundodai End of Heisei Era Sweet Soy Sauce, a special sauce with a special label – and a special taste! The recipe for this sweet soy sauce is carefully crafted to celebrate the end of Japan’s Heisei Era. Red sake and soybeans from Kyushu and a special refined sugar called wasanbon from Shikoku lend the sauce its uniquely sweet kick. Thanks to these two ingredients added in a perfect balance, Fundodai has succeeded in producing a product with a full-bodied yet refreshing sweetness in the aftertaste.

Available in 100ml

Keep dry away from heat, light and moisture. Refrigerate once opened.


Soybeans, wheat, salt, wasanbon sugar, akazaké (rice, koji, alcohol, sugar).

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.


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