Ati Manel Spiced Mussels in Pickled Sauce 110g


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Only 2 left in stock


Meaty, plump, and perfectly balanced, these rich, sweet, and spiced mussels are as timeless and delicious as it gets. Made in Galicia in the old way, the sauce is a spicy twist on a classic escabeche, a medley of oil, vinegar, and pepper that predates modern Spain and harkens to a time when southern Iberia was part of the Islamic Empire called Al-Andalus (which became the name Andalusia). It is bursting with tradition and flavour. Enjoy them tossed with fusilli and green olives, or straight from the tin.

Ati Manel started a canning business that prospered during World War II. Generations later, his great-grandson has inherited relics related to the production and marketing of canned food from Ati Manel and renovated the graphic strategies while maintaining the spirit of his great-grandfather’s time. Paying special attention to Ati Manel’s notes, recipes, and relationship with producers, Ati Manel maintains the authenticity of old times. The result is the Ati Manel Cans, which seeks to combine the best current production conditions with traditional methods of preparing quality conservas.

Ingredients: Mussels (Mytilus Galloprovincialis) (63.64%), Sunflower Oil (24.80%), Wine Vinegar (Sulphites) (9.90%), Red Pepper, Garlic, Laurel, Spices, Salt


BB 21|12|2024

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