Dangerous Don Espadin Mezcal 70cl


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Only 2 left in stock


Dangerous Don Espadín Mezcal is a wonderful woven mezcal, produced exclusively from Espadín agave, in the traditional artisanal fashion. The agave is roasted in a pit, fermented, and distilled, creating a smoky, fresh spirit. This mezcal has versatility in abundance, but makes a particularly fantastic mezcal Old Fashioned!

Dangerous Don is a Mezcal brand based in London and Oaxaca, founded in 2015 by Thea Cumming. After Thea’s travels around bourbon distilleries in The States led her to Mexico, she was introduced to cowboy Frank. Frank would pretty crudely mix mezcal “from the mountains” with instant coffee, sugar and vanilla and stick it in a bottle. This delicious mix was unlike anything Thea had tried on her journey – she was hooked, and the rest is history. From there, Thea set out to create her own coffee expression inspired by her experiences with the legend that is Frank. Dangerous Don is lovingly made using artisanal methods hundreds of years old. They are passionate about shining a light on independent producers and their magical processes to make undeniably adventurous mezcal. 

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